Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 102

Hello again! 

To be honest I'm getting really tired of emailing after 102 weekly updates. I can't wait to get home and see everyone in person; just two more emails. I’ll probably just send my big email on my last P-Day because I'll see everyone that week!

As for this week -  last Monday we saw the Emores and had another Family Home Evening with them. Princess lead the lesson and it is so cool to see all of them doing so well because when I got here Peter was less active and no one else was baptized. Now they are all baptized and active and having family home evening. It makes me so happy!

We've been working with Alexi and Marlaim to try and help them be ready for baptism on the 7th of June but their English is just not there yet. Which makes me really sad because the wanted me to baptize them. As long as they get baptized I'll be really, really happy still. It's great hearing about people you taught get baptized.  

Wednesday was a very interesting day. We met with a Muslim guy in the morning who had requested a Book of Mormon. He had seemed interested the first time but this time he just wanted to argue and Bible bash. Then our next two appointments dropped. So we tried to contact a media referral we had gotten that day which was for a 96 Smith Street. There are two Smith Streets in our area, one does not have a 96 and the other is an old woman who had no idea what we were talking about. So that didn't work either.

We did get to see the Benjamins which was nice. We continued to teach their cousin who came to church on Sunday and left after Sacrament saying that it wasn't for her but we'll talk with her more next week. I don't know what happened there.

Then we were going to go on splits with the Bishop and Leon, the ward mission leader. Leon was sick so we just went with the Bishop to try and contact less-actives. The first door we showed up to told us never to come back again. Then the next few weren't home. Finally someone let us in and we had a nice chat. The Bishop shared something from Conference but the lady said that she didn't want us to come back and that there's nothing we could do for her. Wednesday was very strange...

We've been visiting with a less-active lady who was baptized in France. She's also been studying with the Jehovah's Witnesses so she has a few conflicting ideas going around inside her head. So we've been trying to work them out with her. They are really deep questions too and it's really pushing me to study hard for her. She told us this last time that she cannot deny the feelings that she has when she studies with us. We had talked about personal revelation and Elder Fonua and I both bore testimony of the spirit. I think she'll be a very strong member of the church but we must first work through these questions.

Sunday was pretty nice. After church we had lunch with a family who had just moved in from Mthatha. It was nice to talk with Xhosa people again. I love the Xhosa culture and we don't have too many in the Panorama area. We also had a lesson with Kingsly. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and again invited him to be baptized. He agreed but he still believes that the baptism he has already done was recorded in heaven so he'll be baptized again just to show the members of the church that he's becoming a member. Which is good but I still want him to realize the fullness of what we are teaching. He's a great guy though and I really love visiting with him. I told him I only have 2.5 weeks left and he told me that we have to take a picture and exchange contact details; such a sweet guy.

I'm going to miss the people of South Africa so much. People always ask me what my favorite part of South Africa is and I always say the people. I have met so many amazing people who have changed my life for the better and I'm super grateful for that. I'm sad that I live so far away but I know that we will be able to see each other again on the other side (and when I come back and visit with the family.) I love South Africa and the mission and I am sad it's drawing to an end. Until next week.

Love, Elder Kupka